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So many of us struggle to find the right thing to say to friends and family when they are going through something. So, much like writing the book I needed and couldn’t find with Through the Glass, I decided to create the greeting cards I’ve always looked for, too. That’s how Find the Words: Cards for Unique and Challenging Times was born. From “I don’t know what to say, but I can listen” to “Not everything happens for a reason,” you’ll find the cards you need to send, and that someone in your life needs to receive. A portion of the sales of these cards goes to support my survivor healing programs. 


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Find the Words

If you're looking for a way to say something difficult or uncomfortable, or to offer support in a heavy situation, a Find the Words card may be the answer. I created this collection of stationery, gifts and books to help people express themselves during unique and challenging times. 

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PRE-ORDER NOW! In addition to my greeting card line, I’ve also created a deck of 52 Heal for Real contemplative cards to support your journey towards forgiveness. Beautifully packaged in a neat and stylish box, these cards feature quotations, instruction and insight to help inspire you in your work to forgive others—and yourself. 

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Heal for Real Contemplative Cards

This deck of 52 cards on the power of forgiveness, the companion to my Heal for Real guided journal, features a range of my quotations as well as from other luminaries, and two cards of instruction. These cards offer insight and inspiration to forgive others—and yourself.

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