SHANNON MORONEY is the bestselling author of two memoirs, Through the Glass, her own story (2011), and Out of the Shadows (2019), the story of human trafficking survivor Timea Nagy. Heal for Real: A guided journal to forgiving others--and yourself is coming January 4th, 2022. She is a registered social worker and therapist, and the founder and clinical director of Shannon Moroney & Associates, dedicated to helping her clients achieve post-traumatic growth.


Shannon is an inspiring speaker, and advocate for mental health who motivates people all over the world to triumph over trauma, explore forgiveness, consider restorative justice and break down stigma. In 2017, she was recognized as one of the 50 Most Resilient People in the World by the Global Resilience Project, in 2016 as a New York Times "Women in the World Recommended Writer", and she is featured by the International Forgiveness Project

In 2015 she wrote and co-produced "In Harm's Way", a documentary about families of offenders for CBC Radio's The Current. She has participated in federal government justice reform roundtables, provided expert testimony, and is frequently called on as a consultant to justice system professionals and as a media spokesperson on current issues in justice and mental health.  

A passionate educator and facilitator, Shannon also leads experiential workshops and retreats on forgiveness, restorative justice and writing what hurts. She is a popular guest lecturer at colleges and universities and visitor to book clubs. She also coaches writers from pages to publication. In 2019, Shannon launched a line of empathy-building greeting cards for unique and challenging times, called Find the Words

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Shannon's mission is to help people #FindTheWords to tell their stories, speak their truth, rebuild relationships, develop resiliency and live their best lives.

Shannon lives in Toronto, Canada, with her twin daughters.

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