Shannon Moroney (right) and Katy Hutchison (left), women affected by violent crime, restorative justice advocates, authors, speakers and close friends; come together to create space to talk about the F Word—forgiveness.This experiential workshop is conducted in a circle format to enable all participants to share equally in an exploration of what forgiveness may or may not represent for them.  Story-telling and a series of exercises are designed to connect the individual to his or her own story. This workshop can be adapted to groups of different sizes and compositions, from youth to divorcees to mental health professionals to prison inmates to crime victims.

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The “F” Word: 
Explorations of Forgiveness
"Some people criticize forgiveness. They say that it is weak, or that it lets someone 'off the hook'. What I know is that choosing forgiveness and living it day after day has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But, it has had the greatest reward: it has let me off the hook; it released me from a lifetime bond to the violence I hate so much and the betrayal that was so destructive. It opened the door to a positive future." 

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Shannon Moroney & Katy Hutchison are contributors to the international Forgiveness Project. Together, they facilitate an unforgettable workshop: 
Inspiring triumph over trauma for people and communities
Forgiveness Retreat 
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